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Preserve The Moment With The GameSaver® Big Game™ Vacuum Sealing System


“This post is sponsored by Everywhere Agency on behalf of FoodSaver®; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.”

Father’s Day brings forth many sentiments and memories for everyone. While some celebrate the man who brought them forth into this world, others celebrate the father figures in their lives. While I never had children of my own, I’ve managed to collect quite a fan club (I refer to them as my minions) through extended family and friends, enjoying the times, I’d like to think I’ve mentored and counseled young minds. While our collective interests have always been many, one thing I’ve enjoyed over the years are the times spent with younger generations in the woods or on the water, passing along my knowledge of the outdoors as we hike, hunt, and fish.

The weather around Father’s Day has always been ideal for outdoor adventures in the areas I have lived; the days are mild, the woods are green and teeming with activity and the fish are biting. The feeling of coming home with fresh trout from a crystal-clear stream is one that should be savored; there’s nothing quite like a meal cooked same-day. If only we could preserve that “just caught” flavor….

Gone are the days of old when we tried to keep our catch fresh by lugging a sloshing bucket all the way home. Mom usually wasn’t as thrilled as we were when we’d get there and dump a few pounds of fish in the sink.  The GameSaver® 710 Big Game™ Vacuum Sealing System now saves us from mom’s glare as it not only seals in the freshness but is actually portable, so now our fish and game has added protection on the way home as well. No longer will we have to endure those looks from wives and mothers as we clean scales and blood from the kitchen sink!


With the GameSaver® memories don’t end at the dock

The Big Game™ is a game changer, allowing for the preservation of the very freshest flavor by utilizing GameSaver® Heat-Seal Bags.  With many choices in food preservation & sealing, what makes the Big Game™ so appealing is the on-the-go portable functionality; no more bulky food sealing systems with a bag full of confusing parts and pieces taking up room in your pantry (or designated to a dusty shelf in the basement). Big Game™ is easy to use and can be powered from cars, boats, and RVs. With GameSaver®, those best days fishing (and hunting) don’t end at the lake or forest.

Some of our most precious memories are those of when we were kids and our dad would take us out fishing.  It didn’t really matter if we caught anything, just that our dad was spending time teaching us about life, the university and everything! I remember how proud we were on those occasions when we actually caught something and the entire trip home was filled with fish stories and about the many ways we were going cook our catch. Thank goodness those moments are preserved in our memories because in the past the fish in the freezer usually didn’t last too long.

While being outdoors is a great way to get everyone to unplug and step away from technology, GameSaver® adds that little bit of gadgetry that can be enjoyed by all ages, extending the “experience” from that of merely casting your line and enjoying the comradery, to teaching the next generation to thoughtfully prepare their prize and savor the experience. With GameSaver®, you can be confident that when you pull that trout out of the freezer to enjoy weeks or even months later, it’s going to taste as if you’d just pulled it from the brook as the GameSaver® Big Game™ Vacuum Sealing System keeps Fish and Game Fresh up to 5X Longer and prevents freezer burn.  Millennials aren’t just into the latest apps and the newest technology; they have access to more information than any generation before them; they are a generation that has never experienced life before the internet, and it seems they learn a vast number of life skills through YouTube, and I can’t count the number of kids I know who routinely watch Food Network. As is the case with us all, this generation loves their food – but they’re well informed when it comes to healthy living. They can pull up apps that count calories, wear watches that track exercise, they know about all the latest health trends (and hazards) through social media, and they value not only health, but the “food experience” in a way that is perhaps different from the way our dads taught us.

While food has always been the center of life as we know it, mostly out of necessity, it seems the newest generation (and perhaps even starting with Gen-Xers) values the ritual in the preparation, and paying homage to nourishment they themselves have grown, raised, and caught. GameSaver® is not only preserving the fresh-caught flavor we all appreciate, but its retaining valuable nutrients, providing optimal nutritional benefits. With a storage compartment that holds the Fresh Handheld Sealer to use when marinating food and with GameSaver® 11″ x 16’” Vacuum Heat-Seal Rolls even the most discerning foodie will love the ability to go from forest to freezer quickly and easily.




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