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Whether you are an experienced culinary whiz or just someone that enjoys reaping the benefits of all that nature has to offer, cooking wild game and trying new recipes for venison and other big game is something that can be shared with the entire family. We have known for centuries that the epicenter of any home is the kitchen. Friends and family gather around the kitchen table over coffee sharing details of their day, and often swapping hunting stories while the aromas of succulent elk and trout waft through the air. If you are new to hunting, or are someone who perhaps just enjoys sharing in what your neighbor brought home from a day in the woods, you may not have an abundant selection of recipes for wild game and fish. With the Internet being such a resource for everything from A-Z, we hope that readers will feel free to post some unique recipes for fish, venison, elk, moose, and heck, if anyone has a way to make road kill squirrel seem appealing, let us know!

Preparing your own catch can be a very satisfying experience; knowing you are utilizing all that God has provided for us, knowing it is fresh, and feeling satisfied when the culmination of your efforts results in smiling faces around the table. From the forest to the table, or ship to shore, there is nothing like seeing the face of a young child who catches his first perch while spending a windy day out on the frozen lake, then watching him or her, running from tip-up to tip-up in hopes of finding something at the end of the line, is fun for the whole family. Not only does he learn how he can contribute to the family’s dinner, but he revels in learning all about the preparation of his catch and participating in the cooking of it.

While there is so much to be learned from spending time in the quiet of the woods as a flock of turkeys trots by, or in wading in the middle a babbling brook full of trout and salmon, an important ideal we wish all could live by is “take only what you will use”, whether that means eating the flesh of a big game animal, tanning hides, or making a fish chowder, it is critical to today‚Äôs’ conservation efforts to pass this important message on to the next generation.

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