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Whether you enjoy a leisurely walk in the woods on a crisp Autumn morning while communing with nature, or you seek out the toughest hiking/climbing areas to challenge both mind and body, hiking is quickly becoming a very popular way for families to spend time together while getting some fresh air and exercise. While hiking appeals to people of all ages and is an appropriate sport for those of virtually all abilities, it is also one of the less expensive ways to enjoy the great outdoors, refresh your mind and rejuvenate your body.

As a boy there was nothing more exciting to me than to go to the park or the beach when everyone was already leaving and begin to just walk in one direction or another and take in the simple beauty of being outdoors. In today’s technology dominated world, the simple pleasures and innocence of a day in the outdoors is lost. In today’s society it is a monumental effort to pry a child away from the television or their Nintendo game systems in order to expose them to the great outdoors.

During my time hiking high in the Himalaya’s with my friend and renown mountaineer Alan Burgess, I learned that nothing can replace the serenity and beauty of the natural world. Far away from city lights and lungs filled with fresh air things just seem to become much clearer on a variety of levels. It seems that being surround by thousands of stars on a clear cool night can lead one to reflect on the vastness of the universe and your own place within it.

Hiking and camping, although different can go hand in hand with one another as one is destination and the other a voyage. Hiking equipment may be as minimal as the shoes on your feet or as technical as the newest technology in hiking boots or hydration packs. Camping equipment can range from a bedroll and one man tent to a sophisticated, million dollar motor home. The point is, is that it doesn’t matter as long as you get out from behind your desk or from in front of your television and enjoy the great outdoors.

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