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Smart Reasons to Own Costa Del Mar C-mates

Tuna Alley Blackout by Costa Del Mar

Costa C-matesIf you’re like most mature outdoorsmen/women, there’s a good chance you’ve experienced a time or two when it would have helped if you had been wearing a pair of cheaters (readers), and even better if they’d been sunglasses! There are an unimaginable number of activities that take place outdoors; hunting, fishing, hiking, archery, skeet, running, geocaching, just to name a few. Think how much easier or more pleasant some of these activities could be with reader sunglasses. Now imagine having a quality pair of Sunglasses that will also allow you to tie on that special trout fly, or be able to read the numbers from your navigation device without switching from sunglasses to your reading glasses. Welcome to Costa del Mar C-Mates which allow you to do just that!

Why Use Bifocal Sunglasses
If you were wearing quality sunglasses that protected your eyes from the sun and allowed you to read a bit better, you’d be sure to enjoy your time on the water a bit more, especially if you’re into fishing or any other sport involving the water and the glare that gets created when the sun hits the surface. With Costa Del Mar’s C-Mates not only would you be protected from the sun, but you’d also be able to read the tiny snippets of information printed on packaging for everything from lures to your favorite snacks and beverages. Hunters could read scope dials a bit easier, hikers could study maps and gps coordinates while those interested in geocaching could read messages and log finds without eye discomfort.

Can I wear C-Mates all the time?
Wearing Costa Del Mar’s C-mates is a bit like drinking a fine wine, it sometimes may take a little bit of getting used to in order to truly understand and enjoy their full potential. It does take a bit of time to get used to just using your eyes to glace down instead of our normal tendency to tilt our entire heads in that direction, with the C-Mates you just use your eyes to look through the reading part of the lens. When I’m driving or hiking and looking forward I rarely realize that the reading element is even there.

Fisch ReadersWhat are my C-Mate Choices?
Costa Del Mar’s C-mates are available in +1.75 and +2.50 magnifications and come with a variety of lenses that not only protect your eyes but are available in lens colors that fit your need and lifestyle as well. I have often purchased basic low cost readers which are readily found in venues such as department stores, pharmacies and discount chains because these are easy to try on and you’ll be able to hone in on the prescription strength that is right for you. Remeber that these are not going to do more than help you read a book or menu but they are cheap enough so you can buy multiple pairs and have them where you need them, when you need them: the house, the car, the boat, your gym bag, the camper. However, they offer little or no sun protection. After you use C-Mates and you see how much easier small tasks become, you’ll be sold on the idea of using them in the outdoors and how wonderful it is to have you favorite pair of sunglasses performing dual duty. With little effort, you’ll be able to visit one of the many stores that sell Costa Del Mar sunglasses and go in and try a few pairs on to find what prescription and style is for you.

Whether middle-aged or into your senior years, cheater sunglasses are the inexpensive, ideal way to enhance your outdoor experience.

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