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The Great Disconnect! Go Off The Grid for National Hunting and Fishing Day

Your cell phone is constantly in your hands, you bring your tablet or laptop wherever you go, and when in the house your hand has a death-grip on the television remote. Well, consider leaving them all home and get out of the house on September 22, National Hunting and Fishing Day!

(“This post is sponsored by Everywhere Agency on behalf of FoodSaver®; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.”)

Enjoy the day under wild blue skies. Whether you are on a lake, the ocean or a forest trying to fill your freezer with some of this planet’s bountiful harvest, remember that it doesn’t take being connected to the Internet to really enjoy a day outside.

The more time we spend disconnected from the daily essentials of technology the easier it is to learn about our natural resources, such as the forests, oceans and lakes that we utilize for food and entertainment. Spending time outdoors is a great way to get everyone to unplug and step away from technology, if at least for a short time.

From the time I leave the dock on National Hunting and Fishing day, I will turn off all but the most essential gadgets, such as the ones I use for personal safety and for getting to and from my “Secret spots” accurately and safely. However, at the end of the day, if the fishing gods have been kind there is a piece of equipment that also becomes indispensable.

The GameSaver® Outdoorsman Vacuum Sealing System is that small piece of technology that can let a special moment last much longer than just a day on the water and well after returning to the dock. With the Outdoorsman®, you can be confident that when you pull that fillet out of the freezer to enjoy weeks or even months later, it’s going to taste as if you’d just pulled it from the water. The Outdoorsman is simple even for a beginner to use and can handle up to 40 consecutive seals or up to 120 lbs. of fish or game. With 20% off on Amazon for GameSaver® products, as well the 28 gallon bags and GameSaver 11” expandable heat rolls, it could certainly help fill a freezer for some great winter eating and reliving tall tales!

Amazon will be running promotions including 20% the Outdoorsman® from Sept 9th to Sept 16th!

While we spend September 22 disconnecting from the technological world we come to understand how important it is to keep a healthy balance not only in the populations of the various species that inhabit our waters and forests but in the quality of those natural resources as well. It’s not enough to just know about conservation and environmental effects of our actions, we need to apply this knowledge each and every time we venture out on the ocean, stream or in the woods.

The less we waste, the more that will be available for future generations to enjoy. I use the heat-seal bags and rolls for my catch, they are puncture and tear resistant while also blocking oxygen and moisture which create freezer burn. Although I practice mostly catch and release when fishing and while hunting, I take only what I am certain will be consumed by my family and friends. I know that by properly freezing what I do harvest, it will be available to me months after my day in the great outdoors was over.

Let’s face it, we have come to the point in life when being away from our favorite gadgets for too long can stress us out. Not knowing what emails are waiting for us, or going too long between reading status updates on a Kardashian can leave some with extreme anxiety. But every so often stepping away from technology can be refreshing and to some extent a cleansing of our souls. Keeping this feeling alive by reliving our adventures from the freezer to the table lets us recreate some of those moments.

Remember, National Hunting and Fishing day may seem like only one day, but in reality it is a concept that should be thought about all year long. To help us relieve these moments Amazon will be running promotions on including 20% the Outdoorsman® from Sept 9th to Sept 16th! When we seal our fish or game for the freezer we are sealing in memories to be enjoyed later as well!

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