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Photos of the great outdoors, whether they are of scenic vistas, wildlife, a hunting or fishing expedition or my personal favorites, those unexpected images caught on your deer or trail cam, are one of the most important methods of telling others what a incredible planet we live on. Wildlife photography can bring a sense of amazement to those who have not yet had the opportunity to visit many of our natural resources, and more than that, its just great fun to share and brag about the adventures you have been on.

The Outdoorsguy.com is happy to announce the beginning of our photo contests. If you have a personal photo from an outdoor experience or trail cam, fishing, hunting, hiking, scuba diving or just something that you feel would bring a smile to others who enjoy our natural resources, we urge you to send it in.

Please ensure that this is indeed your photo and you have the right to post it. Email it to us at photos@theoutdoorsguy.com and please provide us with a caption and a short blurb about the picture, and we will be honored to post it. Members will be able to rate your photos by giving them 1 to 10 stars on our gold star rating system. We will post eligible photos on our photo contest page and have a poll towards the end of every month, with the winner receiving prize!

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