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Ahhhhh, Fishing! Just the sound of the word brings warm fuzzy feelings to my heart. Some of my fondest memories are those of me and my dad sitting on the dock by the bay in Long Island, New York fishing for baby bluefish also called ‘snappers’ in that part of the country. I had just graduated from a cane pole to my first rod and reel and was learning how all the equipment, bait and line variations may increase or decrease my catch. I was learning how the different tides affect the feeding habits of the fish, and most of all I learned at a very early age about the virtues of Catch and release. I would not trade these early memories for anything.

Let’s skip ahead a few decades now; I have fished on several continents. I have used seine nets along the shore of exotic destinations with youngsters, trying to pick up that evenings dinner. I have been marlin fishing for thousand pound monsters, and have even floated along the weed lines miles off my beloved South Florida coast for any denizens of the deep that would make tasty table fare. Fishing can mean many things to many people, from the child sitting by the pond anxiously awaiting a bluegill or crappie to fall prey to his bait, or to the man or woman who can afford the time and expense to chase the big boys, such as Marlin, Tuna and others large predators that patrol the offshore currents. Never before has it been so easy for all people to engage in this age old sport. The local bait and tackle shops, the megastores such as Cabela’s and Bass pro shops and the incredible coverage of bass fishing tournaments and exotic fishing locations on television, have all assisted in bringing man’s favorite pastime to the masses.

The more we educate ourselves about our natural resources, such as the rivers, oceans and lakes that we utilize for food and entertainment, the closer we come to understanding how important it is to keep a healthy balance not only in the populations of the various species that inhabit our waters, but in the quality of those natural resources as well. It’s not enough to just know about conservation and environmental effects of our actions, we need to apply this knowledge each and every time we venture out on the ocean or a stream.

This blog will cover a myriad of topics from the types of equipment to use for various species to various hotspots and guides that can turn your fishing experience into the memories of a lifetime. We encourage all to post comments and submit photos for all to enjoy. After all, have any of us every forgotten that we were once that child sitting on the bank of the pond with his or her dad, talking about life the universe and everything!

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