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Sometimes I find it very difficult to sit down and have a meaningful discussion on conservation with friends as they always seem to dwell on the point that since I love to hunt and fish that I couldn’t possibly be an advocate for conservation of the world’s natural resources. Nothing could be further from the truth, as I am considered by many to be a devoted supporter of all conservation efforts. This blog gives me the pulpit to express my points of view in addition to educating others on the importance of preserving our natural resources for not only future generation, but for all who currently enjoy the outdoors.

One of the major threats facing wildlife is the destruction of its habitat through human development activities: agriculture, urban settlements, roads, dams and mines, have all contributed to the loss of habitat. Another problem is the fragmentation of the ecosystem into parcels too small for wildlife to use. Through the relentless efforts of organizations such as the World Wildlife Fund and organizations such as Pheasants Forever, and the Rocky Mountain Elk foundation, to name just a very view, Sportsman and conservationists have been able to work together to re-purchase additional habitat that will not only benefit the wildlife that live there but the people who enjoy spending time in the outdoors. It is important to realize that science must work hand in hand with those who utilize the land and water or all preservation and conservation efforts will not achieve their goals.

Everyone who lives on this planet must take an active part in ensuring our wonderful natural resources, this may involve actions as simple as picking up some trash when leaving a wooded area or the beach or donating to a worthy conservation effort. Through thoughtful and strategic stewardship of the oceans and forests, as well as all natural resources, we can regain control of our planet. We must hold corporations and governments accountable for their actions, and reward those understand the ramifications of their actions, and make efforts to correct them, even at the expense of a better bottom line. We must also balance the needs of society along with the utilization of resources to ensure conservation efforts are feasible.

Our natural resources and wildlife are vanishing quicker than our ability to conserve them, it is a slow process but it can be done. The balance between preservation, conservation, and the needs of society is delicate, but can be realized if we all do our part.

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