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How to Catch Summer Trout

A Summer trout stream, notice I'm fishing the shade

Noah van Hochman with a Wisconsin Summer TroutA Summer trout stream, notice I'm fishing the shade[/caption]

So what have we learned about summer Trout fishing? The key is to look for cooler water! Remember that you are not immune to the effects of the sun either and should take necessary precautions yourself, this means drink plenty of water and use an appropriate sun block, and for those of us who have grown just a tad taller than their hair, a cap and a high SPF lotion for our heads as well. You should also consider using the cool water as a climate control system as well; cool water and thin waders can keep you at optimum temps or even a pair of shorts and old sneakers will do if you don’t think hypothermia will kick in. Finally, a light shirt and breathable vest and you are ready for a summer Trout adventure.

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  1. Noah says:

    This is a good piece of advice, in the summer months and especially in shallower water which may tend to heat up as bit more quickly, a hooked fish may get stressed quicker and have more diffiuclty taking in oxygen and therefore could die from the fight. If you are not keeping the fish for dinner then definitely consider causing minimal stress. Keep the fish in the water while unhooking and handle it as little as possible. Thanks for sharing this great point with us!

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