Caracara Bird

The Caracara Bird

Everglades Gar

What Type of Gar is this?

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What type of Snake is this?

snake wrangling

Name the Snake?Venomous or Non-Venomous Snake?



So what type of serpent is this?




Where is it found?


Is it venomous?


Where was Noah Van Hochman when taking this picture?




snake wrangling

Do not try this at home, Yes I am an idiot!

Other potential natural treatments la source

4 Responses to What type of Snake is this?

  1. To, says:

    Definitely poisonous…. Maybe a cotton mouth? Don’t see any rattles on the tale. Not a snake person

    • Noah says:

      I’ll post what it is and where it is in a day or two.

  2. To, says:


  3. yeah, its a cottonmouth. triangular head, slit pupils.

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