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What type of Snake is this?


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What Type of Gar is this?

Everglades Gar
Everglades Gar

A Gar hitting a spinner bait in the FL Everglades

Does anyone know what type of Gar this is? I caught him in the Big Cypress area of the Florida Everglades while Fishing for Largemouth Bass, he was about 7-8 lbs. You never know what you may run into with the Fish of the Everglades!

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5 Responses to What Type of Gar is this?

  1. Kyle Naegeli says:

    Spotted gar

  2. My FWC says:

    According to our experts it is a Florida gar. Here is more info:

    • Noah says:

      Excellent! I thought it was a short nosed Gar, but its always great to hear from the experts. It was caught and released in the Holey Land WMA.

  3. Papaswamp says:

    Looking spotted garish. Snout length vs eye to gill distance. Hard to tell though without a better side and bottom pic.
    This article shows the difference.

    “The Florida and spotted gars are distinguishable from each other primarily by the snout length. The distance from the front of the eye to the back of the gill cover is less than 2/3 the length of the snout in the Florida gar, while it is more than 2/3 of the length in the spotted gar. The Florida gar lacks bony scales on the throat. “

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