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Cost Del Mar’s Tuna Alley, Where Fashion meets Function!

Tuna Alley  Blackout by Costa Del MarOkay, lets be honest, we have gone into some of our favorite trendy stores and tried on some of the coolest sunglasses we could find. Its a lot of fun playing ‘Fashion-ista’ but lets not forget that wearing a great pair of shades is about a lot more than looking really cool. To be honest, according to my ego I look great in pretty much anything, but because I spend so much time in the great outdoors, especially on the ocean, I need to take special care in protecting my eyes as well as looking good at the dock. The new Tuna Alley sunglasses from Costa del Mar are everything I could ask for.

Protecting your eyes from the harmful effects of the sun requires a bit of understanding of just what you are protecting yourself from as much as selecting the perfect pair for you. I have tried many different brands, shapes and lenses and have always found myself picking the Costa Del Mar brand. They have been with me high in the Himalayas of Nepal as well as Surfing in Costa Rica and of course all over my home state of Florida. The Tuna Alley model seems to cover all of my needs. In addition to being very stylish, one of my concerns was coverage, and just as scientists are telling us that we should wear sunscreen whenever we go outdoors, it’s also vitally important to protect not only the eye itself but the sensitive tissue around it as well. The large frame of the Tuna Alley does just that.

Noah Van Hochman and the Costa del Mar Tuna AlleyWhen I’m fishing on the boat or skiing in the winter, the polarized lenses on the Tuna Alley are perfect for reducing the glare from reflected sunlight coming off the water or snow. I also love them for long drives too as they filter out the sunlight bouncing off the highway causing my eyes to tire quickly. Another feature of the Tuna Alley model that I really like their patented vent system which helps keep these shades from fogging during some of my most strenuous activities.

The UV filtering capabilities of the 580G blue mirror lenses that I chose are perfect for my offshore adventures. The color of your lenses should coincide with the activities that you will be engaging in the majority of your time outdoors. The Sun’s UV radiation can cause a multitude of medical issues ranging from cataracts to photokeratitis (aka: snow blindness). Many Doctors suggest that long term exposure to ultra-violet radiation from the sun can due cumulative damage to your eyes and that just as you should begin using sunscreens starting at a young age, so should you also wear protective sunglasses.

The bottom line is that you need to protect your eyes from the harmful effects of the sun. You need to have the best vision possible to really enjoy whatever outdoor activities you choose. Why take chances with the only set of eyes you will ever have. The Tuna Alley Model by Costa del Mar are perfect for all your outdoor needs, just choose the lenses that best fit your lifestyle and remember that you can either live your life behind your computer, Flat-screen television or Smart Phone, or get out there and enjoy!

Important Info on the Tuna Alley Blackout from Costa Del Mar!

•Lightweight, impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses
•Blocks yellow light
•Repels water and oils
•100% UV protection
•Durable nylon frame
•Patented vented system
•Integral hinges
•Manufacturer’s lifetime warranty

Costa’s Tuna Alley 580P Polarized Sunglasses feature a durable nylon frame with integral hinges and a patented vented system. Impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses repel water and oils, and feature 580 technology to block yellow light and enhance reds, blues, and greens for sharper clarity and greater definition. Costa sunglasses are backed by a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty. Imported.

How to choose your Costa lenses:
Heighten your visual acuity with a lens color that suits your outdoor needs.
Amber is an excellent all-around lens color that delivers the brightest field of vision; a great choice for sight fishing, driving and everyday activities where high contrast is needed.
Gray maintains color saturation and natural contrast in medium to bright sun conditions; a good all-around pick that’s great for water or land sports.

This team, according to Challenges Vardénafil magazine.

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