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Hunting or Photography, try the Turkey Dave Footrest!

Spring Turkey season is done, and we begin putting away our decoys, calls and all those other
fun goodies that make our hunting adventures so much more exciting and comfortable. We now begin to think about what we can do to take care of our outdoors fix until the next hunting season begins in the fall. It’s usually about this time that I begin to really get into my wildlife photography, I mean after-all, it’s basically hunting but with a camera. I decided to keep out of the storage room two pieces of equipment that I could use for wildlife photography, the ones that definitely helped me during Wild Turkey season. These are my ground blind of course, and small piece of green, hinged plastic called the Turkey Dave Footrest. The blind is great, but it is too limiting, as I like to be able to keep on the move, trying different areas just as I do when I run and gun for Turkey. The Turkey Dave Footrest made my journey a bit more comfortable.

As many of you who have put in long hours in pursuit of Wild Turkey know, one of the first things you do before plopping your butt down against the tree of your choice is to find a small log or something to lean your feet against to prevent cramping and other aches. Sitting in that position without a “block” of some kind will eventually become a bit painful. Outdoorsman Dave Sumner designed the Turkey Dave Hunter’s footrest after many long hunts and sore backs. He noticed that he was always squirming and often developed an aching back both during his hunt and for a time after. He also noticed that if he placed a sturdy support for his feet, it alleviated the pain. Instead of making a ton of noise and
rummaging around the area he was hunting looking for a footrest, he designed a portable one that he could carry easily on him or put in hisTurkey vest.

Dave Sumner and Dave Roll with nice Spring Gobblers

I normally would not want to carry any additional equipment with me when hunting or engaging in wildlife photography, and to be honest, I had my doubts about this piece of gear as well, but after actually using it I can honestly say it works! The color is a forest green and blends in well when I am in full camo.
Sometimes I will take it to the park (not in camo of course) and sit against a tree taking pictures of squirrels, birds or whatever else happens to get close.
I can now sit against a tree with little discomfort. I have now started to just leave the Turkey Dave Hunter’s Foot Rest in the car, as I never know when I’ll
get the urge to just sit back and watch the world go by. Some key features to the Turkey Dave Hunter’s Foot Rest are that it’s extremely light yet very sturdy. It is designed with saw toothed edge so that as you push into it with your feet while sitting against a tree it digs in to the ground making it even more stable.

For mort information or purchase of the Turkey Dave Hunter’s Footrest Click Here.


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  1. Shecky Brewski says:

    Awsome! Turkey Dave Rocks! NO more cramps at OH Dark thirty!

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