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10 Things you have to know when Backpacking

Have you ever gone camping or backpacking and had all the best equipment from your

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Local Hiking Trails

Smart Ways to get Ready for Local Hiking Trails

If you’re like most people these days, you know you should eat right, get

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Kids hiking

Local Hikes for Family Fun!

Local hikes are a great family activity especially when hiking with children; one

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day hike

The Best and Easiest Tips for a Great Day Hike

We are entering the dog days of summer and with the heat and humidity encountered by

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hikes near Anchorage

Tips for Fun Winter Hiking

Even with the unseasonably warm temperatures in many of our favorite hiking

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The Florida Trail

Tips for Hiking the Florida Trail

There is great hiking across the entire USA in every type of terrain one could

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best Hiking dog

Tips For Hiking with Your Canine Companions

Hiking with a partner or two always seems to make the trek all that more enjoyable,

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What is a Thru Hiker

Thru hiking is the outdoors ultimate in testing your ability and getting in touch

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