A Nice Little Texas Buck.

Caracara Bird

The Caracara Bird

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The Pine Martin

Pine Martin

Name this critter!

Name this critter!

This one might be a bit easier but it really is just so much fun to put out the trail cams and see what walks by. Can you guess what and where for this critter?

Answer: Yes! This is a Pine Martin

Good job to those who answered this!

Also, the blog loads extremely quick for me on Safari. Exceptional Blog vgr generique!

8 Responses to The Pine Martin

  1. Frank Gordon says:

    It’s a Mink!

  2. Frank Gordon says:

    Hmmm…Tasmanian Devil???

  3. Sue Pranulis says:

    Fischer Cat

    • Noah says:

      It is a Fischer! But not sure if there is any reference to a cat…isn’t it more of a weasel?

  4. Trevor says:

    I knew that

  5. Jim Caslin says:


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