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Name that critter

The Eastern Grey Fox

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Eastern Striped Skunk

Name this animal!
Name this animal!

Name this Critter!

Eastern Striped Skunk

Name this animal! Tell us the exact name and possible location of this critter from the information you see on the Moultrie Game Cam. Hopefully soon we will have contests such as this complete with prizes! But for now leave the name and location.

You guys knew that it was a skunk but few knew it was an Eastern Striped Skunk and even fewer picked the Everglades as the home of this one. I’m gonna have to find some tough ones!

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6 Responses to Eastern Striped Skunk

  1. andy deslauriers says:

    its a type of skunk

  2. Molly says:

    Striped Skunk? They are found all over …I think?

  3. Noah says:

    For the location…a hint….look at the time of day, the temp and the time of year to help a bit with location….It is in North America.

  4. Randy Tangwall says:

    It’s a spotted skunk. By the camera info I would guess Az or NM maybe

    • Noah says:

      So Close randy!!! So close on one answer and not close on the other! I’ll give the exact info this week

  5. Noah says:

    Since I just put up the newest pic I will now say that it is an Eastern Spotted Skunk and it was taken near the Big Cypress area of South Florida!

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