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The Eastern Grey Fox

Name that critter

Name that critterOkay kiddies, since you had a little trouble with the first installment of “Name that critter” lets try a new one!
What type of animal is this (exact name, ie: eastern, western, spotted striped, etc) and using the info from picture and the Moultri Game cam data try and guess where the picture was taken.


The Eastern Grey Fox

This Eastern Grey Fox was caught on Camera in the Florida Everglades

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12 Responses to The Eastern Grey Fox

  1. Ray Redlin says:

    Gray Fox

  2. Eric T says:

    Vulpes vulpes — Red fox
    Gonna guess mid west region of U.S.A.

    • Noah says:

      Nope, but excellent try! The hint for all is: this picture was taken in the SE USA.

  3. Eric T says:

    Gotta be the grey fox then
    Urocyon cinereoargenteus

    The swift usually Texas and west

  4. Morgan says:

    Gray Fox – Arizona

    • Noah says:

      Yes! it is a Gray Fox BUt… it is an Eastern Gray Fox which kinda eliminates Arizona!

  5. Bob says:

    Chupacabra, family pet of Sasquatches everywhere.

  6. robert oberman says:

    Eastern grey fox in maine

  7. Kari Stoneberg says:

    Eastern Grey, N.C

    • Noah says:

      OK… you guys got the species correct, it was an Eatern Grey Fox… But it was in Central Florida. Great job but the next one may have to be a bit more difficult!

  8. Luke Molthen says:

    Is it a grey fox in florida

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