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Everything You Need to Know to Cook Mahi

Dolphin or Mahi

Dolphin or MahiMahi or Dolphin or Dorado, no matter what you call it, this fish is by far one of the best tasting and most sought after game fish in the world. There are thousands of great recipes on the web for Mahi and we will shortly provide you with some, but first here are some important tips on buying Mahi to make your Mahi dinner superb.

Many people can also substitute other similarly textured fish for Mahi such as Flounder, Swordfish or Grouper and for those living near rivers Catfish, and as much as I love to eat Grouper it’s just not the same. Mahi or Dolphin has a firm, moist flesh with a slightly sweet flavor. For those on a diet it is a very lean fish and a favorite of those on a regimented diet.

How much Mahi to buy per serving

This is a tough question because first you need to determine in what form you are buying the fish. To make the answer to this question very easy I will say that unless you are catching Mahi yourself you really should only be buying Fillets or Mahi Steaks from your local fish monger. The general rule of thumb on how much Mahi, (Dolphin) to buy per serving is about ¼ to a 1/3 pound per serving per serving.

How to make sure your fish is fresh

Mahi are generally large fish and you will rarely see the entire fish for sale at the local markets so let’s just talk about what fresh Mahi steaks should look, feel and smell like before you purchase them. The flesh of the fish should be firm and have almost a bit of a translucent sheen to it. It should not smell fishy but instead have a mild aroma that can be slightly similar to the ocean. Make certain the coloration of the flesh is fairly uniform with no discoloration or blotches. If you must buy frozen fish such as from a large reputable store such as Costco, read the labels as to where the fish was caught and how it was frozen. It should be vacuum sealed and the steaks should not be bent in any unnatural position.

Preparation of Mahi for cooking

When cooking Dolphin / Mahi just as with any other seafood make sure that the fish you have already cooked do not come into contact with the food waiting to be cooked. This cross-contamination can be really detrimental to your health and this also includes any utensils and dishes that you use as well.

Most people including myself prefer to marinate the fish before cooking. It’s a good idea to do this in your refrigerator as pouring marinade over the fish and leaving it in the sun can cause spoilage. DO NOT REUSE THE MARINADE as it can now be full of harmful bacteria. Keep some fresh, unused marinade on the side to baste the fish while cooking, especially on a grill.

How to cook Mahi

Everyone seems to have their own style for cooking Mahi so we are just going to give some general tips to get you started, experience will teach you how to eventually make it perfect. Mahi fillets have a deep pink center stripe often referred to as a bloodline. Trim the stripe before cooking to avoid any gamey taste and to preserve the fish’s light color.

About 10 minutes for every inch of thickness seems to be the best consensus for cooking about 400-450 degrees. This can vary depending on how you are actually cooking the fish but remember that fish in general cooks rather quickly so keep on eye on it so as not to overcook. When the flesh of the Mahi becomes opaque and separates easily with a fork is will then be done.

Mahi can be cooked in a number of ways and is an excellent low-fat meal provided you don’t use high-fat marinades. I prefer grilling Mahi but it can be steamed, broiled baked and pretty much any other way you can think of. I often keep any left-over’s for a salad or fish tacos!

Nutritional facts for Mahi
Based on approximately 4 ounces of raw Mahi steak or 114 grams, the following are the nutritional values for Mahi.

Calories from fat…10 cal
Total Fat…1 g
Saturated Fat…0 g
Cholesterol…80 mg
Sodium…100 mg
Total Carbs…0 g
Protein 22 g
Iron… 6% daily value
Omega 3 fatty acids… 0.11 g

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