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Anyone can “Be a Hero” with a GoPro Video Camera

GoPro Hero3 Black Edition

Mariln in the BahamasI’ve been going on a lot of adventures lately and my GoPro Black Edition video camera seems to be one of the first things that goes into my bag. Now I’m not going to bore you with all the spec details on this piece of equipment as I’m sure you can find that info at most websites for stores that sell it or at itself, what I am going to talk about is why it’s so important to me. Quite recently I have come to the realization that the chances of my pulling off some incredible stunt at the X-games or getting ridiculously amazing video of me falling from a capsule on the edge of outer space is pretty darn remote. But there are some videos that I can take that are just as awe inspiring, at least to me, and are well within my area of expertise.

The videos we see on the television commercials for GoPro are amazing though the chance of the average guy or girl getting the opportunity or courage to do that stuff is pretty slim, but if you think about for a bit, that is really not only what these cameras are about. I get to do some pretty amazing stuff when filming for my blog and their slogan of “Be a Hero” kind of pushes me a bit. With my GoPro Black edition I’ve captured myself fighting giant Marlin, climbing mountains and many other kinds of wild adventures. However, the most truly awesome videos are those precious moments such as your child’s first time in the ocean using the waterproof housing or learning to ride a bike captured from the GoPro mounted on the handle bars. These are those moments where the average guy can certainly “Be a Hero.”

Florida Raccoon

The GoPro video camera even gets a round of applause from a Raccoon in my backyard!

Aside from their small size and the incredible quality of the videos taken from the GoPro Cameras, they are in my opinion the best way to be prepared for those unexpected events in life that seem to catch us all unprepared. Having this unit handy gives me a much better chance of preserving a memory and allowing me to share it with others.

A key element that makes this such a perfect fit for pretty much anyone’s needs is the availability of the many different mounting options. From a tripod mount to the head or chest mount and even the ability to mount it on your windshield or dashboard, it really is possible to get that once in lifetime video. Recently I was in Texas wanted to get some video of a deer with massive antlers that kept coming by this trail about the same time every day, I could never get closer than 75 yards away before he bolted for the brush. The remote control for the GoPro Black edition allowed me to sit in a blind 100 yards away and begin taping this amazing animal in high def without spooking him at all.

Alamo in San Antonio, TX

A screen capture of parents taking their kids to visit the ALAMO in Texas for veteran’s day was one of those special moments.

Finally, the one thing that ties this all together for me is availability of free and inexpensive video editing programs that allow me to create my own videos complete with opening credits, special effects and all other kinds of unique and interesting ideas that my brain can think up. The GoPro video camera is the standard bearer in the personal video camera arena and professional athletes and adventurers the world over depend on it to record their accomplishments. But the real value of this camera for me was not the 500-pound marlin I taped, or my trek through the Everglades; it was the look on my friend’s face after returning from a tour of duty overseas when his little boy proudly showed him a video of his first ever goal in a soccer game.

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