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The Outdoors Guy Training in the Wasatch, Utah

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Everyone knows how great it can be to take a vacation, whether you plan on relaxing on a white sandy beach sipping pina coladas out of coconut shells, or you plan on joining the millions of people that enjoy what is commonly referred to as ‘adventure travel’. Depending on your definition of adventure, your getaway could mean trekking thru exotic locales experiencing other cultures through food, drink and local history, or it may mean succumbing to the part of you that is hooked on living life to its fullest by tearing through the rainforests on zip lines or parachuting into a remote area. Obviously the preparation for Adventure Travel is a bit more than that of your traditional family vacation, but for anyone that has had the luxury of observing lions on the plains of Africa from the vantage point of a hot air balloon, they will tell you it is well worth the extra expense and additional planning.

There are numerous adventure travel agencies that offer incredible vacations for all levels of experience and physical ability, and many also offer training courses if your trip includes some manner of technical expertise. I myself took a series of technical mountaineering treks in Utah and California before heading to the extremes of the high Himalayas of Nepal. It is important when planning for an adventure travel vacation or exotic destination that you don’t over estimate your abilities or an incredible experience can very quickly turn into a nightmare that is not readily escapable!

Whether fishing adventures in Costa Rica, Trekking to Mount Everest Base camp or just a cruise through bays of Alaska, picking the right travel agent specializing in the type of adventure you crave is essential. If you have a reasonable amount of outdoor skill and wanderlust, you may choose to just head out on your own and let the chips fall where they may. In many instances, a traveler may gain a different perspective from this type of travel; however this is best done when time and financial constraints are not a problem.

If you are planning on a fishing or hunting adventure, there is no better way than to research the guides and outfitters in a particular region and give them a call. Most will be happy to explain what they can deliver and how much it will cost. Going to a remote area and instantly knowing how the game or fish are acting and where to find them is a crapshoot at best, so unless you have spent considerable time in an area and have done the research, it is best to hire a professional guide or outfitter to assist you.

Which ever corner of the earth you choose to explore, whether you are spending months or days in search of your incredible adventure or catch of a lifetime, we at “” which you the best trip imaginable!

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