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Great Trout Fishing near IL, MN, WI and IA, Try the Driftless Area!

Brook Trout

Trout Spinner

The OutdoorsGuy Noah Van Hochman working a spinner

This is time of year that I love! Turkey Season is in full swing, the weather is amazing in most parts of the country, and with the warmer temperatures, lots of little critters are beginning to hatch and provide food for the elusive trout. This is also the time of year I travel up to Southwestern Wisconsin, from my home in Miami, and visit my good friends and enjoy a combination trip of hunting Wild Turkey and wading Tainter Creek for Trout. Lets not forget to mention great company and home cooked meals. I am so fortunate to have a good friend who not only has a fair amount of Wild Turkey on his land, but a gold medal Trout stream, Tainter Creek, meandering right through his property as well.

Many of the streams I fish are located in what is known as the Driftless area and although this area extends into certain regions of the states adjoining Wisconsin, it is primarily located in the Southwestern region of Wisconsin. It is known for the river valleys incredible prairies and just about every other type of vista you could imagine, a glimpse of what this area was like before the glacial period. This area is what has incorrectly become known as Coulee Country, generally meaning high hilled valleys with many streams running through them. I love coming to this area, as even if I go home empty handed, (which I’ve never done!) it is just such a beautiful area to visit and accessible to so many hunters and anglers throughout the Midwest. This area gets a lot of weekend fly fisherman from the Chicago area, as well as Minnesota and Iowa. Although there are a great many very accomplished guides and outfitters for trout fishing the Driftless area, it is also a place you can explore on your own.

Brook Trout

A small Brook Trout to be released

I enjoy exploring Tainter Creek for trout, it is a considerable long stream located in Crawford County near the city of Vernon. It’s important to know the regulations in this area as parts of many of these creeks and streams traverse public land and others go through private land. The Wisconsin DNR has done a fantastic job of improving the habitat and has worked well with land owners to put into place various features such as specific plant growth and soil management techniques along with what is known as “Lunker Structures,” which are simply long boards similar to a pallet which create shade and are an excellent habitat for trout.

The Brown Trout reigns supreme in this area and is actually an imported species brought to the United States from Germany as this species was most adaptable to the warmer waters and reduced oxygen levels. This fish averages about 12 to 18 inches but on occasion can reach up to 26 inches! The other abundant species is the Brook Trout which need more oxygenated waters and colder streams to live. On ultra-light tackle both these fish are amazing fighters. Look for Brook trout more towards the headwaters of the streams where conditions might provide a colder more oxygen rich habitat.

Driftless Zone

The Driftless zone for Trout Fishing

Now that you have arrived at a stream with potential, don’t hesitate to scout the area, but do so stealthfully, remember that these fish will be found primarily in shaded areas such and the deep pockets found where the moving shallower water drops into deeper pockets. It is vitally important that you use a good pair of polarized sunglasses, not only for protection from the sun but to better be able to see your quarry as well.

The tactics for success when fishing this area are relatively simple and similar to many other fine trout streams in the Driftless area, but we can go over some basics anyway. If fishing with dry flies for trout, cast upstream just above those pockets we have previously mentioned, or where you have seen fish rising and allow the fly to be carried downstream. Keep the slack out of the line to be able to strike if your fly is picked up. Remember that dry flies are imitating the grown up version of the insect, if you choose to fish nymphs you are imitating the underwater life stage, the larval stage of the insect to be more precise. This is the basic difference between fishing dry flies and nymphs. If fishing nymphs, fish downstream, let it sink and allow the moving nature of the stream to carry the fly downstream. If you are proficient casting with your fly rod, try to work the areas where fish is likely to lay in wait, such as Lunker structures and the areas carved out under the banks by the moving water. If you are a spin casting kind or person, then light line and spinners will work well, and to be honest, before I was taught to fly fish this was how I caught many Brown trout in the Driftless area of Wisconsin on Tainter Creek.

Wild Brown Trout

Small Wild Brown Trout

The bottom line here is that the Driftless area of Wisconsin not only holds a healthy population of Trout, but is an incredible trip filled with scenic vistas, a variety of wildlife and some of the nicest folks you could ever meet. If you’re coming up for some trout fishing from Chicago or other parts that this region draws, it might be advisable for your first trip to hire a guide when Trout fishing the Driftless area, as these outfitters and guides can save you a lot of time and energy and make this tip one you will remember for years.
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