The “Do it Yourself” Wyoming Antelope Hunt

My good friend called me one morning in early September and mentioned that he was

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Turkey Box Call

Wild Turkey Hunting, Yelps, purrs and decoys

Can you smell it? All across the country hunters are patterning their shotguns,

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Hunting Rifle

How To Choose Your First Hunting Rifle

Whether you are buying a rifle as a present to yourself for the holidays or choosing

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Hollow point Bullets

Hollow Points Versus Soft Point Bullets

I’ve been slowly transitioning my friends from spending their weekends at the gun

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Cornfield Pheasant

Pheasant Hunting Basics

Pheasant hunting is fun, and with over two million hunters heading into the

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Screw-in Choke Tubes

Choke Tubes, Turn one Shotgun into several!

I’m left handed, so my choices for buying guns can be especially limited,

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Best ways to get Permission to Hunt Private Land.

It wasn’t until my buddy Dave came down from Wisconsin to hunt the elusive Osceola

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scouting the woods

Tips to get Ready for Hunting Season

While so many of us are grabbing whatever little bit of summer that is left by

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A bachelor group

Wild Turkey Hunting – Pursuit of the Elusive Osceola

I have written many articles on equipment, techniques and how to’s, so know I am

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Wisconsin Dove Hunting

Dove Hunting From a Slightly Different Perspective

During a recent trip to visit friends in Wisconsin for the opening of bow season, I

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