Dolphin or Mahi

Everything You Need to Know to Cook Mahi

Mahi or Dolphin or Dorado, no matter what you call it, this fish is by far one of

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Blue Crab

How to Catch Blue Crabs in Florida

A lot of you know that in my blogs I write about extreme hunting and fishing

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Kids hiking

Local Hikes for Family Fun!

Local hikes are a great family activity especially when hiking with children; one

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Teaching Your Child About GPS

Do you remember being a kid and learning how to use a compass for the first time? If

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Rainbow Trout

Easy Tips on How to Catch Trout

Trout fishing is usually depicted by seasoned anglers in waders standing in a creek

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Everglades Gar

What Type of Gar is this?

Does anyone know what type of Gar this is? I caught him in the Big Cypress area of

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Tuna Alley Blackout by Costa Del Mar

Smart Reasons to Own Costa Del Mar C-mates

If you’re like most mature outdoorsmen/women, there’s a good chance

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snake wrangling

What type of Snake is this?

Venomous or Non-Venomous Snake?     So what type of serpent is this?

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Crappie Fishing

Smart Tips to Spring & Summer Crappie Fishing

Once the ice melts and anglers are getting their boats, kayaks and canoes ready for

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Learning to Camp

What you need to start camping

Camping is a lot of fun, but not all who want to go are ready for the experience.

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