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September 27, 2016 Comments (1) Equipment/Reviews

“OUTDOORSBID” for New and Used Outdoors Equipment!

Used Hunting Equipment

Tired of continuously moving boxes of sporting goods that you never use? How about that surfboard you haven’t been on since the 80’s, but yet there it sits in your garage? Fishing tackle you’ve accumulated over the years but now never use?

The is proud to now offer, an auction site by outdoorsmen, for outdoorsmen. Specializing in all things adventure, you’ll find everything from bikes and kayaks to hunting and camping gear. What a great place to get rid of the kid’s old sporting equipment now that they’ve moved out! Upgrade your current equipment! Try a new sport for a fraction of the cost of buying new!

Listing your items for sale on OutdoorsBid is free for a standard listing, with a nominal fee associated with those listings you wish to have showcased. Currently we are only accepting Paypal as we feel this is the most secure way for our friends to use the enhanced features.

Why OutdoorsBid? After noticing that large auction sites such as eBay, have moved away from that original ‘garage sale’ feel, I wanted to create a place where sportsmen could readily buy and sell their gear to others with active lifestyles. Having worked on Wall Street as one of the original day traders in the ’90’s, and holding an MBA degree, I decided to supplement my popular blog,, with OutdoorsBid using my business acumen in order to fill this important niche for outdoorsmen.

**We really want to help people buy and sell their “Experienced” equipment so others can use it, and have pretty much made it free for standard listings and almost free for enhanced listings, but to even make it easier, just send us a nice note, say hello, make us smile and we will add $5 worth of credits that can be used for enhancing your listing, such as home page Gallery and lots of pics!**

Visit to buy or sell “Experienced” Outdoors gear! is continually growing, gaining endorsements from large outdoor manufacturers and retailers as a result of publicity received through radio shows and interviews. For more on these interviews and to get the scoop on all things outdoors, visit the media page on for more.
With Over 25,000K Followers on Twitter alne and another 50,000 on other social networks we will also occasionally post your auction on those networks to get you the most exposure possible.



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  1. is building momentum, so we need you to post your used equipment for sale. One person’s closet clutter is another’s opportunity to try something new!

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