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Wade, Bosh and Lebron, not such a bad DECISION!

Today I think I will make a slight departure from my customary Political of Financial diatribes and weigh in on the controversy caused by the elite basketball players joining forces for the Miami Heat. After we get by the initial “who the @#$% cares” part of this discussion lets think about some points that have been made both for and against the joining of the so called “Super Friends”.

These men, Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh and LeBron James are free agents, (emphasis on the free). They were drafted in the same year and for whatever the reason they became free agents at the same time. They each fulfilled their contracts to the teams that drafted them and each I believed renewed their contracts at some time giving each team they played for 7 years of what is usually a short NBA career. They became friends before and during their careers began and solidified that friendship over the course of several years playing on behalf of their country. If you had some friends that you enjoyed working with, and an offer was made for the three of you to work together in a great environment, for a highly respected Organization, with a solid and definable corporate culture, would you not also consider making a change? Very few of us end up working in the cities we were raised. Lets us also remember they each took a bit less money to accomplish this.

Next, we here some of the great players of the past declaring how they would never join forces with another superstar in order to pursue a championship, to which I say “Give me a break!” This is very easy to say, when you already had players such as James Worthy, Kareem Abdul Jabaar, Larry Parrish or Kevin Mchale on your team, all stars or members of the 50 greats NBA players club. The pursuit of championships is based on winning attitudes, would you rather toil away for many years in mediocrity or be considered merely ”very good” when society judges you by winning, can you remember who came in 2nd in so many of the sports championships we hold so dear. Our society tells us that if you are not the lead dog, the view is the same. In the case of Lebron James, I do agree the manner in which he announced his decision and the lead up to that decision was a bit much but the choice itself was sound, both from a business standpoint and a personal one, (for him). It had also been said that his leaving will cost jobs in an already depressed Cleveland economy, but why has it not been stated that a Miami economy in which unemployment is higher than Cleveland will receive a small boost.

Lastly as I tend to ramble towards the end of my discourses, let’s investigate the corporate culture aspect of the organization these three amigos have decided to join. Dwayne Wade, the only of these three to have played for Miami had voiced his opinion on the loyalty aspect of the entire Miami Heat Organization. He backed this up with taking a little bit less than the other stars, (who will also not be the highest paid players in the NBA) to ensure that this team could recruit quality role players. Championships and high earning are built through the individuals that support the mission and vision of those at the top of the pyramid. The organization repaid this loyalty by re-signing those who had previously given their best efforts for this team and were also willing to take less money to be part of something bigger than himself.

In this day and age of high priced athletes, Politicians who value re-election above the common good, CEO’s with golden parachutes equal to the GDP of many small countries, we forget that our idols are people too. We may hold them to higher standard a bit too often, when after all they are just like us with a different skill sets, and just because one of our former heroes decides that he wouldn’t have gone a certain route during his or her career does not mean that his viewpoint is the only or correct one. Think to yourself, if you were in a certain position, what you would have done in your pursuit of not only excellence but more importantly your pursuit of happiness.

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