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December 6, 2008 Comments (0) Equipment/Reviews, Hunting

In a recent study TMA conducted in conjunction with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC, incidents reported to the CPSC between 1998-2005:• 82% of the incidents reported, the hunters were not wearing any fall-restraint and the incident could have most likely been avoided if they had been connected to the tree correctly and had chose to wear a full body harness.

• 75% of the falls were hunters between the ages of 30 and 60 or an average age of 44.

• The average distance the hunter fell was 21.4 feet.

• 10% of the incidents involved the use of homemade stands.

• An average of 18 incidents were reported annually.

The conclusions to this study include:

• Most incidents involving Treestands can be avoided if the hunter chooses to wear a full body harness and properly connects it to the tree from the moment they leave the ground until they are back down. (This is why most of the accidents are happening and there is a solution to stay connected. A company by the name of FallGuy (http://www.fallguysafety.com/) has a simple retractor device that attaches above your stand. The hunter can pull down a 20-foot long tether and attach it to his full body harness and then it retracts as he climbs. He is attached during climbing and descending but most importantly he is fully attached when getting into and out of his stand…every hunter should be using the FallGuy.)

• We discovered that the current system of reporting treestand incidents is inconclusive and must be revised in order to establish creditable facts to support any recommendations by the CPSC or TMA. IHEA has approved (May 2007)a revised report. States have been asked to use it when reporting all incidents involving an elevated hunting position.

The 20-foot retractor by FAllGuy is the easy solution to treestand safety. The simple truth is this: If you are not connected to the tree 100% of the time you can fall to the dirt. FallGuy makes staying connected easy.

• Hunters should become familiar with the (TMA) Treestand Safety Guidelines to reduce the risks associated with hunting from an elevated hunting position. It is also recommended that hunters watch the “Safe Treestand Hunting Strategies” DVD being included with all Treestands after June 2007.


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